Montevertine, Rosso di Toscana 2016

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For those who know and love Italian wine, Montevertine needs no introduction. One look at this classic label, which reads like the “acknowledgements” page at the end of a great book, should be enough. But, just to be safe, let’s review: This wine, and estate, is an all-time Italian great that would crack any expert’s Top Ten list. Everything about it, from the majestic property and cast of characters behind it, to the actual quality and longevity of the wine itself, is legendary. Crafted primarily from Sangiovese grown at high elevations in the heart of Chianti, Montevertine’s Rosso di Toscana is not only the most authentic expression of grape and place one could ask for but one of the greatest values you’ll ever encounter for an elite, cellar-worthy wine. “Montevertine” is the flagship of the estate: 90% Sangiovese with supporting percentages of the local Canaiolo and Colorino, sourced primarily from a southeast-facing, 2.5-hectare plot of vines planted in 1982.