Mezcales de Leyenda Cuixe Edicion Limitada

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Mezcales de Leyenda announces the release of a new limited-edition expression as part of their growing line of artisanal mezcals— Limited Edition Cuixe Mezcal. This new expression is crafted using traditional mezcal production methods unique to this region in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Available now, this ultra-rare mezcal is rooted in tradition and is a must-have for true mezcal connoisseurs.

“We’re proud to work with artisanal producers throughout the five different regions of Mexico that create these time honored mezcals,” says Danny Mena, Co-Founder of Mezcales de Leyenda. “This limited-edition Cuixe mezcal is the product of their hard work and showcases the skill of the producer, while also bringing the terroir from the region to life.”

LE Cuixe, mezcal is an ultra-premium and incredibly rare mezcal. Cuixe is a sub-variety from the Karwinskii agave plant, and is known for growing more vertical and slender than typical agave plants indigenous to Mexico. Don Catarino Hernández, from the remote town of San Jeronimo Taviche in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, produces this mezcal along with other exquisite mezcals. Harvesting Cuixe agave is extremely difficult and takes 12-15 years to grow to maturity. Since it takes so long to ripen, and harvesting only happens for three months out of the year, production of this mezcal is all the more unique and limited.

The agave is hand harvested and roasted underground in a two-ton rock lined pit for six days. Using a large mallet and four people, the agave is hand crushed for an additional four days. Fermented and double distilled to proof in open air oak vats, this unique distillation method in combination with our high-quality care and concentration practices provides us with the perfect opportunity to introduce our limited edition Cuixe mezcal.

This limited release originates directly from the producer’s personal batch of mezcal, in that he has given permission to sell a small batch to the world market to showcase the artistry of the craft and further cementing the exclusivity and uniqueness surrounding this specific expression.