Les Mathény 2017 Arbois Pinot Poulsard

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Accolytes of Jacques Puffeney, Emeric and Elise Foleat are both born and bred Jura. Emeric worked for Puffeney for six years before he and his wife began their own venture. These two are one of the most exciting producers to keep your eye on. Notes from the Importer: "Emeric’s lengthy tenure under Puffeney shows especially strongly in his treatment of the indigenous red grape varieties of the region. Whereas many growers here emphasize the thin-skinned, gentle nature of Poulsard and Trousseau, producing delicate, pale wines of wispy tannins and almost rosé-like fruit character, Emeric-like Jacques before him-produces firm, bold red wines proud of their structure and deeply evocative of their limestone-dominated terroir. As an example, the lifted, expressive 2016 Poulsard displays enchanting sandalwood aromas, bursting with black cherry and freshly turned earth, again toeing the line of appropriate volatile acidity in the most appealing possible fashion. The wine’s unabashedly dense structure-the result of a three-week cuvaison-promises great rewards for those willing to wait a few years, though it will undoubtedly dazzle right now, especially at the table."