Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Rye Small-Batch

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Appearance: It’s a light yellow-gold color. The liquid is a little thin and glassy, not at all sticky or saccharine. It looks really mellow and approachable.

Nose: It took a few seconds for the whiskey to open up and release notes of sweet bread, apple peels, freshly cut grass. In the background, there are hints of caramelized sugar, ginger, warm allspice, Asian pear, pixie sticks.

Palate: Mellow tones of vanilla and allspice slowly build into the tingly rye spice that we’ve come to expect from rye whiskies. The spiciness of this expression isn’t as in your face as some high-rye mash whiskies, but the rye and sweetness of Irish whiskies compliment each other well, in a unique way. The finish is quick and oaky.