Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon

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What's the best kind of preacher? One that makes great whiskey. Elijah Craig Bourbon is named after a Baptist reverend, teacher, entrepreneur and distiller who lived in Kentucky around 1800 and became known as the Father of Bourbon. He's credited with being the first to age whiskey in charred oak barrels, which is now a requirement for being a Kentucky Bourbon. How did the good Reverend come up with charred oak? Was it genius, experimentation or accident? One story includes a fire that scorched some of his whiskey barrels. The resulting product was delicious, so he kept doing it. What does small batch mean? It doesn't mean macro-distilled. Each batch of Elijah Craig is selected from fewer than 100 of the finest barrels at the Heaven Hill Distillery in Louisville. The result is a bold, rich 94-proof spirit that Elijah would be proud of. The complex nose carries notes of vanilla, mint and sweet fruit. The taste is smooth and woodsy with hints of spice and smoke. The finish is long, sweet and toasty. A glass of Elijah Craig pairs nicely with another glass. If you must mix it, the brand suggests a classic old fashioned. Muddle orange and cherry with sugar and a couple dashes of bitters. Add ice and two ounces of Elijah. Stir it gently, but don't shake. Raise your glass to Reverend Craig