Domaine U Stiliccionu Ajaccio Antica, Sciaccarello 2016

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Domaine U Stiliccionu's Antica cuvee is a Mediterranean wine made entirely from Sciaccarello on the island of Corsica. Sciaccarello is a grape originally indigenous to Tuscany - where it is known as Mammolo - and is now almost exclusively grown in Corsica. Domaine U Stiliccionu is a certified Biodynamic winery, and their winemaker Sebastien Poly takes a low intervention approach, crafting an indulgent Sciaccrello from the windswept vineyards in the coastal Ajaccio AOC. It is bursting with aromas of violets and ripe strawberries, displaying an alluring, silky texture cut by bright red fruit and lifted acidity. There are hints of wild herbs and ripe citrus that linger on the palate, lending the wine depth and nuance. This is the sort of wine that never lasts long once the cork has been pulled - sumptuous and easy to drink, while also calling to mind the island terroir it was grown in. This wine is a unique example of an undervalued grape, with a strong sense of place, that delivers immense pleasure in the glass. We are excited to see this wine return to the shop, and to share one of our favorite island wines with you!