Cerro La Barca Vegas Altas Tinto 2018

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Cerro la Barca claims to be the only organic winemakers in Extremadura. Beyond this they work with biodynamic principles. This is a fresh style of Tempranillo, often called  joven, or young wine that doesn’t see extended oak aging. In fact, there’s no oak used for this cuvée, being done entirely in steel tanks. Fermentation is done with native yeasts and no filtering is undertaken.

This is 100% Tempranillo, the most widely planted red grape of Spain, used in some of its most famous wines such as Rioja. Due to the fame and prestige of Tempranillo wines it has spread throughout Iberia. Its name diminutive derived from the Spanish word for “early,” temprano, referring to how it ripens sooner than many other grapes.