2018 Las Jaras "Cézanne" Chenin Blanc

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We named our first chenin after Joel’s five-year-old daughter, Cézanne, who – like this wine – has a big personality.

For years, we have been obsessed with white wines that have savory and saline notes. Cézanne is that type of wine: its minerality sparkles on the tip of your tongue, then, as the wine evolves in your mouth, you get these tantalizing savory notes that stick with you through the long finish. We put this wine on par with our favorite high-quality, dry chenins from the Loire Valley.

Cézanne opens up with a nose of Comice pear and wet stones. The palate builds through the attack to show layer upon layer of dried white peach, apricot, and white cherry, along with toasted almond and clove. The wine has a very long finish filled with mineral and acid touches that make you salivate for more. It is a very balanced wine where the things that stick out the most are textural sensations: roundness, mineral, and acid. Discovering all the various aromas and flavors is like a treasure hunt.

Drink this wine alongside dishes with bright flavors and fresh textures: fish tacos, oysters, salads, and grilled foods are all perfect partners.