Occhipinti Grappa di Frappato

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Arianna Occhipinti’s estate is in the southeastern corner of Sicily near Monti Iblei, where she cultivates 8 acres of vineyard according to biodynamic methods, and leaves 40 acres uncultivated to promote a local ecosystem in greater balance. Making a grappa from Frappato is truly a case of “Why did nobody ever do this before now?” The skins of the Frappato grape are quite thick and unusually fragrant, making Frappato an idea candidate for this process. This grappa was made by master distiller Giovanni La Fauci at Distilleria Giovi in Messina, Sicily, using pomace from Arianna’s Frappato di Vittoria grapes; it is floral and spicy on the nose, soft and round on the palate.