Bigallet China China Amer Bitter Liqueur

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Based on the original Bigallet brothers' recipe, dating from 1875, this traditional orange-based French bitter is a deep, complex equivalent to the fabled Amer Picon. Distilled multiple times in small copper alembic stills, the neutral grain spirit is macerated each time with a combination of sweet and bitter orange citrus peels. The final infusion also includes sweet caramel and classic bitter agents including cinchona and, of course, gentian. The bitter oranges and botanicals are balanced beautifully on the nose, giving this real dimension. Just a hint of fresh juice lends a slightly sweet reprieve. The entry is sweeter than the nose, and the medium viscosity turns clean zesty and spicy/bitter on to the refreshing finish that hangs on nicely. This is the holy grail for cocktail enthusiasts and people looking for traditional spirits.